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Organizational Memberships

Announcing School District Organizational Memberships

The Colorado Association of School Business Officials is initiating a new optional School District Organizational Membership/Conference Plan (SDOP) that will save your District significant dollars.

One of the most important features of this plan pertains to School Districts with 600 or less students.  As we all know these districts can least afford the time or money to avail their staff to professional development.  Colorado ASBO will make their conference attendance free as long as they have a paid membership.

The SDOP retains the individual memberships in the control of the school district and affords you flexibility to change them in the plan year, i.e., you can, if you want, send one group to the spring conference and a different group to the fall conference. The School District Contact Designee will determine the individual members and any changes made in the plan year.  Additional Spring or Fall conference registrations than the included number in your plan will be at the conference membership rate (they must be one of the named individual members in the plan).  Please refer to this chart for more information

School District Organizational Membership/Conference Plan (SDOP) is available on a calendar year basis beginning January 1, 2019. 

If you are interested in enrolling or want additional information please use the contact us form here on our website.  Remember, this type of membership is optional, you can always elect to keep your district on individual memberships.


Active - SDOP1 One (1) complimentary spring or fall conference with a paid membership. $100 for School
Districts with less
than 600 students
$375 $100
Active - SDOP2 Two (2) spring and two (2) fall conference registrations.  Includes Up to Four (4) Individual  Annual Memberships. $1,600 $300 $400
Active - SDOP4 Four (4) spring and Four (4) fall conference registrations.  Includes Up to Eight (8) Individual  Annual Memberships. $3,100 $700 $387.50
Active - SDOP8 Eight (8 ) spring and Eight (8 ) fall conference registrations.  Includes Up to Sixteen (16) Individual Annual Memberships. $6,000 $1,600 $375
  Typical Individual Conference Registration $375      
  Annual Individual Membership Dues $100      


Other School District benefits:

  • School District Organizational annual memberships are determined by group type

  • School District Contact Designee will determine the individual memberships 

  • School District can change their organizational individual memberships at anytime

  • Includes the group number of registrations to the spring and fall conferences at no additional cost

  • Additional conferences for named members will be at the Conference Membership rate

  • Flexibility to send different individuals/groups to the Spring and Fall Conference

  • Membership designations remain with the School District….not the individual