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School District Accounting Classes

The School District Accounting Classes are developed for School Accounting Personnel of public, charter and private schools by Colorado ASBO in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado League of Charter Schools, and offers updates on issues affecting the accounting/financial operations and reporting requirements of public schools in Colorado.  These classes will help you develop a “Tool Kit” to be used in your present or future school district employment.

This class series provides attendees with an introduction to fund accounting in school districts. Through a combination of lecture and classroom exercises, participants will learn the basics of General Fund transactions with an introduction to accounting for payroll, fund balance, and reserves. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in school district accounting or looking for a short accounting refresher. No previous accounting background is required.

Class Objectives:

  • The purpose of this class is to help you develop a “TOOL KIT” to be used in your job.  These tools will be developed and improved as you work in small groups during the class. 
  • A foundational tool that must be developed first is the ability to speak and understand the financial language of business.  This language is called accounting, specifically governmental accounting, and like any language, you need to be able to speak it and write it to communicate effectively. 
  • To be able to obtain accurate, timely output information to end users of our financial information, the input must be accurate, appropriately applied, and timely.  The course agenda is established to give you tools to accomplish this.

Cost for registration:

  • The cost is $99 for members and $150 for non-members. 
  • If you plan on attending more than one CASBO event this year you will save money by joining CASBO while completing your registration.


School District Accounting    

This course will be offered Thursday, September 12th, at the Despain Building, 7200 Lowell Blvd, Westminster, Colorado.


Documents for Download:

Introductory Class Outline:

  • Accounting, Budgeting, and Financial Monitoring practices in school districts
  • Closing Out the Fiscal Year
  • Property Tax Calculations
  • Data Pipeline
  • School Finance Formula
  • Budgets and Budget Monitoring

Two step registration process:

1)  Register for the course through CASBO ($99/members, $150/non-members) - 

2) If you wish to receive .5 graduate level credit for the course, please continue on and register for graduate level credit through Adams State University ($27.50).   - Pending