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Pre-Conference Workshop and Seminars

School District Accounting (8:30 am – 5:00 pm) 
Presented by: Karin Slater, SFO, CFO, CASBO Instructor  
Moderator(s):  Ron McCulley, CASBO Board

This class provides attendees with a detailed look at accounting, budgeting, and financial monitoring practices in school districts. Through a combination of lecture and classroom discussion, participants will learn the concepts of closing out the fiscal year, property tax calculations, Data Pipeline, School Finance Formula, budgets and budget monitoring as it pertains to school districts. This course is appropriate for anyone interested in school district accounting or looking for a short accounting refresher. No previous accounting background is required.

Performance Improvement Plans (8:30 am – 2:30 pm) 
Presented by: Dan Satriana, UNC General Counsel, University of Northern Colorado
Moderator(s):   Gina Lanier and Samantha Gallagher, CASBO Board

Description: This class will provide practical assistance on how to recognize when performance improvement plans (PIPs) are necessary, how to prepare an effective, clear and concise PIP, to provide engaged follow-up that will achieve the goal of the PIP, and, if the goas of the PIP are not achieved, to create robust written communication to support further discipline that minimizes the risk of employment claims.

Lunch (for Seminar and Workshop attendees) - 12:00-12:30